What Customers Say

I found your lollies by accident in Healthy Life a couple of weeks ago and I'm in LOVE with them.  Thank you for making such a perfect, delicious product.   Aud ,Canberra, ACT


Hi, I was given some of your mixed lollies to try by someone who just recently visited Northern Qld and they are unbelievably good! I know you can buy them online but I was wondering if there are any stores in Victoria, specifically Melbourne where you can buy your lollies? If not I will just buy them online. I am a vegan myself and will be telling others about your products. Thanks, Lisa


I ordered some of your sweets on line to try as the reviews were so good and I LOVE them! Thanks for making a delicious lolly that does not make you wonder what chemicals you are eating! Thanks and regards,  Lisa


Thank you Sooo much! I got so many packets at the airport.


Me and my sister visited kuranda for the day and bought some lollies, but it wasn't till we got home that we realised they were gluten free and our mum is coeliac! And normally everything with out wheat is terrible! So we had to get her some :) thanks heaps! Simone


Hello, I was in Kuranda in Feb/Mar this year with my family and we purchased some amazing candy from you. I've been craving it ever since! I'd love to purchase. Thank you! Kristie , Canada


Hi there, My parents just returned from Cairns and brought me back a packet of your Australian sweets – they are the most divine lollies I have ever had. Thanks, Shari , Townsville


My wife and I just visited your store in Kuranda and Cairns and fell in Love with the lollies.. Just wanted to say thanks for the great product! Joshua, USA


Dear Stillwater-Team, I really enjoyed my stay in Kuranda with you. The mango lollys were delicious! Anja Fischer, Switzerland


They are the best sweets me and my wife have ever tasted...Many thanks Andrew. USA


My aunt has been summer to Australia and brought your sweets - and we love it!! Regards, Annika USA


Please send your candies. I am enjoying to taste delicious candies. Thank you. Katsuko JAPAN


I have just returned from my holiday to Cairns and Sydney to Adelaide where I am studying, and I have finished my supply of Stillwater sweets which I have bought! They were really good!  Anyway,  Thank you Singapore


To whom it may concern, Recently we were in Cairns on a family holiday.    We decided to go to the night markets and past your sweet shop.  A   lovely lady was handing out sweets and we got to taste one.  It was so   wonderful.  My husband and I just loved the flavor! was a strawberry   sweet!  Anyway we ate our tea and then went back to the shop and my   hubby bought the large bag of Strawberry lollies.(for me)  I have nearly   single(my hubby ate a few) handedly eaten the whole bag.  I am very   limited in foods and my husband bought it for me because it was something I   could eat that was sweet.  I use to enjoy Chocolate with our family but   they mostly eat that by themselves it was nice to have a treat that   was sweet and one that didn't make me feel unwell after eating it.  The   only trouble is that I live in Tasmania and will have to order on the net to   keep getting that yummy taste.  Thank you for a wonderful product!    I will be making and order and trying something new too!  Please   pass on to your employee that she did a great job that night too.   Cheers,   Sandy


To the Awesome team at Stillwater’s Sweets, Today I was looking for a Birthday gift for my father (who’s the Hardest to get a gift for) I had lost all hope of finding something till I walked past your shop (in Cairns), The nice lady in the shop offered my kids & I a soft sweet (Yum... Very nice) , Then & there I was sold, so I'm writing to say Love your sweets..! My father has a huge sweet tooth to so I'm sure he will enjoy your sweets as much as myself. I also like the idea of the barrel for gift's ....So that's what I got my father. As there is no Artificial flavours or Colours & Gluten free I can let my kids have some too, Keep up the good work guys. Cheers,Fiona


I've just received Coconut sweets!! And, I ate it right away...It's very delicious and Coconut flavor was spread in my mouth o(^-^)o ,  Ai - JAPAN


My parents came to your shop last week while on holiday.  They bought us some lollies back, a mixed bag of sweets.  I have a son with severe allergies….He is severely allergic to dairy, wheat, egg, peanut, sesame seeds and has other less severe allergies as well.  Thank you so much…. I am very pleased to say that my son is able to eat these and is thoroughly enjoying them. Michele, NZ


Our neighbours recently returned from holiday and gave us a bag of your mixed lollys.  I couldn't resist - so glad you have a site and can deliver "down south"  Elaine, Victoria


Hello, I would just like to say a big thank you for my sweets you sent me.  I have eaten them all already they are so addictive.  I have a lot of dietary problems and was very excited that i was able to eat these.  I visited port douglas a few months ago when i first tried them and they are truly amazing a  big thank you i will be ordering some more before xmas. cheers  Alexandra, gold coast


Hi, We are looking to purchase a mixed order of your amazing sweets. We are chasing 250 pcs shipped to Townsville. We always come in and purchase a barrel each time we are in Kuranda and were hoping to give a few of your sweets to each of our guests at our upcoming wedding, Kind regards


Good morning, I am the Vice President of the Vegetarian Society, I recently received some of your sweets for a gift and they were fantastic.  Kind regards


I'm looking forward to reach your sweets again. Thank you ! Yoko, Japan


Thanks guys, order received, I haven't had these lols since i last visited Kuranda 3 years ago and omg forgot how amazing they are. Given them out to friends in WA and they are like omg these are really good, where did you get them!   Will place another order soon!!  Thanks again for really prompt service! Sara, Western Australia


Hello! I’m a girl from Sweden who visited you in last December. I am just so crazy about your candy! Would love you to send those sweets for me :) I will be very happy if you could Love from Ellinor


I ate, when it came by a travel, and it became my favorite very deliciously♡ Emi, Japan


i will definitely be visiting the store while i am in cairns and i will buy enough for the rest of the year! thank you, sarah, Indonesia


I just picked up the parcel from Post Office. And I've already tried some, love it! Thank you for your help!  Regards, Karen, Qld


Hello, I visited your store in June 2010 whilst on holiday and I absolutely loved your sweets. They really are delicious! I'd much rather support your local business ... I look forward to seeing what other flavours you come up with and hope to return to your Kuranda store in the near future. Kind regards, Amy


Hi there, Recently visited your shop in Kuranda while on holiday & shared some of your sweets with my work mates back in New Zealand on my return. Just a quick query to see if you ship internationally to New Zealand as they are all keen to buy more.  Thanks in advance. Lucy, NZ


Hello, I am thoroughly enjoying my first packet of mixed Stillwater Sweets. Your lollies are awesome. Kind regards, Tracy


Hi, I have sampled and bought your sweets while on holiday in Carins... I have not found another lollie that compares to yours! Kind regards, Marisia , Qld


Hi, I was given some of your sweets for xmas - they are very nice! I manage a vegan restaurant here in a service to our vegan customers, your sweets would be welcomed. Many thanks, alan


Thankyou so much the package arrived on Wednesday. There were squeals of delight when the presents were opened. It was a total surprise and I have had continual thankyous ever since from the twins. Appreciate your efforts, Michelle


Good morning, I was in your shop and purchased a bag of your mixed sweets, I shared the sweets with my family and they are sensational !!!! we wish to purchase a number of the mixed sweets, I look forward to your early reply, Cheers for now Tom, NSW